Kate Beckinsale is a debate between a second maternity, and continue to enjoy their freedom

Showbiz • 30 Nov 2018 – 10:25 AM Actress Kate Beckinsale, who is already the mother of a 19-year-old next to her ex-husband Michael Sheen, has not ruled out nor much less the possibility of re-entering the maternity in the event you get an opportune moment to do so. However, the interpreter 45 also recognizes … Read more

Is it more difficult to ‘be good’ that ‘be good’? The debate is on Twitter

We don’t know if the intention of the creators of Twitter was the platform to become a place for ongoing discussion of any topics; what seems increasingly evident is that it is the social network of the ‘opinadores’. And with their tweets as a speaker, some people become trend by launching their reflections more or … Read more

What Lana del Rey attacks Beyoncé, Ariana and Cardi B with a debate, “feminist”? We will explain to you

Lana del Rey. Photo: Shutterstock Lana del Rey took advantage of the announcement of his new album to attack women in music. He accused Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello, and up to Kehlani Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat, reaching the first place of Billboard because they have sexualized their songs. … Read more

Jim Carrey: how to call ugly Margot Robbie on her face and to turn the irony into a necessary debate | ICON

Insult in such a way that the recipient of the grievance will not be offended has merit. Insult and make the victim break to laugh is an art within the reach of very few. But, if someone can do it, that is Jim Carrey. The actor (Canada, 1962) came a few days ago the british … Read more

Drake Bell divides the mexican people with interesting debate on twitter

It is No secret that Drake Bell has an immense love for Mexico, because it has shown its affection to the lands aztecs of all the possible ways, whether creating a music video showing the beauty of the country, or, by changing their social networks to Spanish; and this time is no exception. And, the … Read more

The t-shirt of Harry Styles to fight against the Covid-19 and other campaigns to debate

The signatures of fashion and beauty have been involved in combat coronavirus from the first moment. The fight against the pandemic that has stopped the world and has forced millions of people to be confined in their homes has become a priority for large companies in the industry. LVMH, Ralph Lauren, L’oréal, or Armani have … Read more

The debate of the day on Twitter: what series is better, ‘Shin Chan’ or ‘Doraemon’?

It is quarantine time. Of being at home, telework, to catch up with movies, series or books. To be with the family. Make video calls to friends. And, of course, entering any debate on Twitter and take the time to defend to layer and sword to one side or the other. The latest discussion has … Read more

The diet that has followed Adele for her amazing makeover, to debate

The singer has lost 45 pounds in record time, after undergoing the diet ‘sirtfood’, a food plan restrictive in calories and variety of foods March 12, 2020 – 09:03 EDT by Gtresonline In the last few weeks, Adele it has garnered hundreds of headlines for reasons extramusicales, after which come to light a photo of … Read more

What movie Marvel is worse: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ or ‘Iron Man 3’? The great debate of the networks

The Movie Universe Marvel has 23 films from ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Spider-Man: Far from home’. We could argue about which is the best of all of them, but the debate that has emerged on Twitter is about what is the worst: How’Thor: The dark world’ or ‘Iron Man 3’? Both show superheroes after his experience … Read more