The players more handsome of the last decade: Radwanska, Berdych, Ivanovic, Verdasco.

Beauty, elegance, sensuality, charm: the players are flying on the pitch to win tournaments, but many of them are considered icons of beauty, sensuality and charm. Some of them also won the most prestigious titles, others were famous for their attractiveness. So who are the players most beautiful of the last ten years? Agnieszka Radwanska … Read more

Porsche-pink-Mariah Carey screams at the beginning of the decade, 2010

2010 was an age more innocent. Barack Obama was the president, and even the couples of power of Hollywood were still together. And, while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spoke of the city, the relationship of Mariah Carey with Nick Cannon also are strengthened. In fact, it was so strong that Cannon gave Carey several … Read more

Women in sports: six women athletes and a decade for the story | Netflix Full Sports

The growing involvement -and success – of women in various sporting fields is no coincidence. In the second half of the TWENTIETH century, pioneers such as Billie Jean King (tennis), Mia Hamm (soccer) and Wilma Rudolph (athletics), to name a few, paved the way for today’s women to have the freedom to demonstrate their talent, … Read more