“The Eternals”: Kit Harington breaks the silence about the delay of the movie of Marvel

The pandemic of coronavirus has spread around the globe at an alarming rate. This made, with the intention of stopping its spread, the entertainment industry had to take a step back at the request of governments. Inevitably, many of the productions have ceased their shooting, others saw its release on digital and other directly were … Read more

Coronavirus: the celebrities who had to delay their marriage by the pandemic

Like many couples, some celebrities had to suspend their weddings for the coronavirus Credit: The Grosby Group Planning a wedding party takes time, effort and a lot of energy, that’s why couples who decide to pass by the altar begin with the preparations many months before the big day. However, those who planned their weddings … Read more

Why the fault of Henry Cavill? Delay ‘Supergirl’ for a new movie of ‘Superman’

It seems that the Universe Extended DC (DCEU) there will be a fight between cousins, because it has been reported this week that delayed ‘Supergirl’ for a new movie of ‘Superman’, which could bring back the actor Henry Cavill. Since a few months ago it was known that Warner Bros. she had planned to bring … Read more

Adele would delay the release of their new album for the 2021 – ElSol.com.ar – Journal of Mendoza, Argentina

The first album of Adele from 2015 was scheduled to launch in September of this year. But a comment you made on Instagram has terrified fans to think that will be postponed in the midst of the current pandemic of COVID-19. The star of 31 years tuned in an Instagram Live among the producers Babyface … Read more

Rosalia decides to delay launch in collaboration with Travis Scott

Rosalia, Travis Scott The singer has revealed that he decided to delay his cooperation because it did not seem the “right time” to take the track. Rosalia had the intention to launch a collaboration with Travis Scott, but due to the pandemic hadecidido wait. The singer of ‘Badly’ has revealed that he decided to delay … Read more

DC and Marvel | “Suicide Squad 2” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” will not delay its premiere, promises the director James Gunn

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“Friends”: the Special will not be recorded in a virtual way by which will delay its premiere

Bad news for the fans of “Friends“. The long-awaited special meet again to its protagonists will not be ready for may, date of the launch of the new platform HBO Max as it was expected, given the pandemic of the new coronavirus. A the spokesman said that the program would be available “soon”. However, this … Read more

How would it affect the delay of ‘Black Widow’ to phase 4 of Marvel?

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Vin Diesel ensures that ‘Fast & Furious 9’ is not going to delay its premiere by the coronavirus

We expect a few months of the most uncertain with respect to the different sporting events, film or any kind of get together of great masses of public. The virus most famous of the last years (COVID-19) has gotten great tapes like ‘Mulan’ or ‘No time to die’ may have been delayed its release for … Read more