The special meeting of ‘Friends’ is delayed by a coronavirus

The progress of the coronavirus and its rapid spread are doing that every day more filming of series and movies postponement until this health crisis is finished. Series as ‘The Flash’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and films such as the seventh installment of ‘Mission Impossible’ or the third ‘fantastic beasts’. The last series that also is … Read more

Emma Stone and Dave McCary delayed their wedding by a coronavirus

Without a doubt, at this point it’s no surprise that the coronavirus follow delaying events and canceling them. On this occasion it is a wedding, Emma Stone. The actress of ‘The city of the stars: The Land’ or ‘Welcome to Zombieland’ has had to postpone her wedding to Dave McCary, his partner, who is dedicated … Read more

Coronavirus, has been delayed, the movie Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson

After the stop of the rotation of the fourth season of Riverdale work and the deletion of the sessantacinquesima output from theEurovision Song Contest a different message about the world of show business, has made the rounds in the world: postponement of the publication of the “Black Widow “with Scarlett Johansson . The spread of … Read more

‘Black widow’ delayed its premiere by the pandemic coronavirus

The crisis of the coronavirus pint for longer than we feared, and the distributors do not want to take the risk of investing in advertising for nothing. Disney had already decided to delay ‘Mulan’ and ‘The New Mutants’, the next in reach, but had not been pronounced on ‘Black Widow’ until now. According to reports … Read more

‘A quiet place 2’ delayed its release in Spain by the coronavirus

The crisis of the coronavirus continues to grow. Officially announced by the WHO as a global pandemic, the main recommendation is to isolate yourself at home. This of course affects the film industry and the films that were planned. We have already seen the postponement of important tapes as ‘No time to die’. Now, is … Read more

Maluma delayed their concerts because of the Coronavirus

Maluma delayed their concerts because of the Coronavirus Maluma decide to protect their millions of fans before placing them in the current threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19)by publicizing in your social networks to your decision postpone the dates scheduled of their concerts in Greece and Italy until further notice, and so prevent the spread of this … Read more