Jennifer Lopez designs a few tennis whites with applications in silver

Jennifer Lopez never loses the style and even less if you choose to bring tennis shoes white sports. Since a few months ago, the american singer was associated with the company’s retail shoes DSW to create a collection of unique pieces that we saw from designs in heels to tennis shoes are white, with pins … Read more

Coronavirus: Katy Perry designs shoes in solidarity to fight against the Covid-19

It is a time of solidarity in the world and the celebrities do not stop to collaborate with their grain of sand. Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are some of the members of a long list of celebrities who have delivered many millions of dollars to contribute to the fight against the pandemic that … Read more

Zara is inspired by the design’s most iconic Jennifer Lopez for her summer collection

This 2020 are met twenty years one of the moments more iconic the red carpet of the Grammys. We talk about the stunning dress that took Jennifer Lopez to attend the gala with his partner at that moment, rapper Puff Daddy, and that left all present speechless. A design of Versace baptized as ‘Jungle Dress’ … Read more

Harry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19

CoverTrendsHarry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19 #STAYATHOME The t-shirt sells for 26 dollars and the full amount will go to the work being done by the World Health Organization in deep crisis of the coronavirus. By Brais Besteiro | 08 Apr 2020 … Read more

The reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’ shows his character designs of the Digital World

The franchise japanese ‘Digimon’, who turned 20 years old recently, still very much alive. Now returns in the form of a reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’one of their first projects will be released as a new series, and it is for this reason that they have redesigned the characters for the Digital World (DigiDestined). Crunchyroll has … Read more