Demi Lovato creates fund in favor of the mental health concerned about how it is affecting the coronavirus | Shows Despierta America

Read transcript things will get better. carlos: things are challenging with those who are in front of the battle, but also, being at home is a battle hard. those who were at home we know how hard that is fight daily with the mind. demi lovato also has suffered a lot and , as he … Read more

Selena Gomez demand to company of video games for use your image, what was it that you bother so much? | Shows Despierta America

Read transcript ore positive. rúl: let’s talk about selena ómez. demand for $10,000,000 to a compía china and to a briánica who are in charge of develop games were using his image without permission. francisca: this is a video game for cell phones. where you accompany famous as taylor swifft, rihana and selena ómez. she … Read more

“Why support Biden?”: Cardi B questions to Bernie Sanders in an exchange in social networks | Shows Despierta America

Read transcript satcha: the also ex vice-president says that he wants to win the candidacy for í same. the support of the candidate african american reforzaía the aspirations of joe biden. have to listen to also the following satchaéste is the exchange that support bernie sanders and cardy d to purpose of the support of … Read more

Rihanna agrees to help millionaire to victims of domestic violence and in addition to the CEO of Twitter to your cause | Shows Despierta America

Read transcript in miami. famous, also, provide your granite of sand to fight the covid19, of this speak subsequently. guys, forward. karla: there are many who are add to this cause, rihanna continues to demonstrate its great coraón, after making several donations million for to combat the coronavirus, again agree to donate 2 million ólares … Read more