PREPARED IN VENEZUELA – The biologist Irene Bosch creates a device that allows you to detect in minutes the Coronavirus

For its part, the biologist of venezuela Irene Bosch, a graduate of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) with graduate studies at the University of Harvard, is currently working on a device that allows you to detect the coronavirus (Covid-19) in just a few minutes.⠀ Again, Currently this device is being validated by the clinic … Read more

Huawei’s P-Smart-Pro is an exceptional device that you are coming to live in Germany

Huawei’s P-Smart-Pro is an Exception to this is on the contrary to the new top of the line machines, the manufacturer, to the middle class, the Smartphone comes with the Google Apps in the German market. How can I do this? The Chinese company Huawei is bringing the new Smartphone to Germany. Technically speaking, the … Read more

The sky Ticket: a Small Revolution in the Sky-it’s the loosening of the device is limited to

The sky Ticket: a Small Revolution in the Sky, it is the softening of the device of the restriction of the The battle of the streaming services in Us card fans are annoying limitation of the POWER The sky to loosen the restrictions placed on the list of devices in the Sky Tickets, Sky … Read more

Applications: Android Users beware – These are the Apps you should remove it immediately from your mobile device

In the Google Play Store, there are thousands of Applications available for Download. Now, the experts have identified again some of the apps that may cause harm. In the The Google Play Store there are a lot of defective Applications. And now, specialists in new, malicious take Applications to be identified. Protection free Viruses-Programs-Of –. … Read more