Awarded super contract in two mouths to compadre dew nahle

Mexico city.- The newspaper Reforma, gave this day another scandal more in the striking the relationship of cronyism that exists between the secretary of Energy, Dew Nahle, and the owner of the Group Huerta’s Mother, the veracruz Arturo Quintanilla Hayek. And is that the company Quintanilla Hayek?, who in conjunction with the Dutch company Van … Read more

Antonio David Flores was not expected for her to appear. What loose everything. And gets into a Dew Flowers in a mess

May 09, 2020 (16:05 CET) The step of Dew Flowers by Survivors has awakened many ghosts from the past. As expected, the name of Rocío Carrasco it has been heard on more than one occasion on the sets Telecinco. And also in the magazines coated paper. In this sense, the young contestant, one of the … Read more

Antonio David Flores calla this psychological problem that Dew Flowers takes you on a secret

May 08, 2020 (14:55 CET) Yiya has become the ninth was expelled from the issue, however, has managed to close its chapter more stormy before you leave. Extremadura had an enemy intimate, Dew Flowers. During these months it has not stopped harassing and using derogatory comments to plunge her. This cost him a nomination to … Read more

Sofia Palazuelo, Teresa Fields, Chicago and Dew Flowers dominating the front pages

HELLO! it brings as news of the pregnancy of Sofia Palazuelo, wife of Fernando Fitz-James and daughter-in-law of the duke of Albabut not like perched with interview and story graphic but as news. From there the lead “As it has been able to find HELLO!”. Next to her, Chicago, which has “paused” his wedding and … Read more

“Go for it”. Dew Flower between the sword and the wall. I survivors to the limit!

April 02, 2020 (14:55 CET) One of the names of this edition of ‘Survivors’ is still Dew Flowers. The daughter of Antonio David has already had several discussions with some of his comrades in the islands of the Cayos Cochinos. It seems that only Ana Maria Aldón is on your side in the most difficult … Read more

What happened in the kitchen with Dew Flowers (and serious) that puts Survivors paws up

March 09, 2020 (10:00 CET) Rocío Carrasco, and Rocío Flores are rigorous, currently following the participation of the young in Survivors by 2020. It has become the real star of Mediaset. There are many that speak of the relationship between mother and daughter, currently non-existent, but no one gives a clear conclusion and clear of … Read more

Extreme humiliation. “Does Antonio David allow this?”. Derision to Dew Flowers (eye to the photo)

March 05, 2020 (19:03 CET) Antonio David (and Rociíto) should I be worried about her daughter, who is being embarrassed in the usual way on the social networks since I decided to participate in the new edition of the program Survivors by 2020. The step by the reality of the son of a civil guard, … Read more