The film industry needs a permit to premiere on digital platforms during the coronavirus

As it is currently the Law of the Cinema, a feature film must be exploited in the halls before getting to other display windows, and to do so, you must return any aid or grant that has been received. In addition, a film that is not at least one week in billboard shall not be … Read more

‘Birds of prey’, ‘Richard Jewell’ and ‘Malasaña 32’ ahead of its digital release in Spain

Increasingly more distributors are solution in the digital sale to lengthen the life of their latest releases that saw its run in cinemas shortened by the alarm state. On this occasion is Warner Bros. Spain who has decided to move and bring us to Harley Quinn or the latest Clint Eastwood earlier than expected. The … Read more

Tonight on tv: the movie and star today 26. March on the digital terrestrial

To beat Checco Zalone against all… Who manages to be Quo Vado?tonight in tv, unencrypted on channel 5 to 21: 20? In our opinion, nobody… Even if they are rivals of the securities, super. So great beautiful night tonight on TV, how to watch movies clearly on the digital terrestrial… Tonight on television the evening … Read more

Watch the first 9 minutes of ‘Bloodshot’, which anticipates its digital release in Spain

If we talk about movies that have been affected by the arrival of the coronavirus have to mention ‘Bloodshot’. The movie starring Vin Diesel it premiered in Spain on march 6just a few days before it decrees the state of emergency and closed the cinemas, so its arrival in theaters was very short lived. It … Read more

Tonight on tv: the movie and star today, 25 March, on the digital terrestrial

A masterpiece against a bevy of star. Tonight on television, on Wednesday, the 25. March, of course, there are Full Metal Jacket of Stanley Kubrick. For many the most beautiful war film ever. And then: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper (twice!), Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro. Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey. Keira Knightley, Clive Owen… … Read more

Disney: Onward ahead of its premiere on digital because of the COVID-19

Disney: Onward ahead of its premiere on digital because of the COVID-19 Onward of Disney and Pixar, was surprised on social networks with the launch of its movie in digital format to the united States from march 20, this several weeks before the planned with the hope to bring joy to the millions of families … Read more

Disney launches ‘Onward’ in digital sales two weeks after arriving in cinemas, and in April comes to Disney+

Disney has moved tab. ‘Onward’ has been one of the high budget films most affected by the pandemic coronavirus, because he had very little time in theaters before that the countries most affected began to close them down. Had not been able to figures very high before, but the impossibility of going to see her … Read more