The reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’ shows his character designs of the Digital World

The franchise japanese ‘Digimon’, who turned 20 years old recently, still very much alive. Now returns in the form of a reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’one of their first projects will be released as a new series, and it is for this reason that they have redesigned the characters for the Digital World (DigiDestined). Crunchyroll has … Read more

to see movie star on the digital terrestrial Monday, 16. March 2020

A sofistic recommended love story. A few amazing. And the first two episodes of the time cult. Here are the movies and the stars, the tonight on the tv. Don’t miss… Double-date cone say. And what to say. On Italia 1 to 21.20 Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone the launch to broadcast the entire … Read more

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ is now available on digital platforms but without the deleted scenes

Despite the fact that Disney is delaying a multitude of movies because of the Coronavirus, the company seems to have begun to share some of their productions through their digital platforms. One of the lucky ones has been ‘Frozen 2’, who overtook three months of its premiere on Disney+ being released now on march 15, … Read more

The HP Indigo 100K & Platinum V12 of the New digital systems for the printing industry

Two new printing systems for the printing industry, HP has, in the context of vienna. In the case of the Platinum 100K, it is the first machine of the series 5, which is intended to Compensate the contractors, and with the start of the trade fair, will be available to you. It is designed for … Read more