Shakira Disnet Zootopia Artists Disney Family Sing Along | THE UNIVERSAL

At 8:00 pm Sunday, may 31, Disney Channel will broadcast the ‘Disney Family Sing Along’, an initiative in which renowned artists sing songs of the classic Disney from their homes. This version will count with the participation of the singer in barranquilla Shakira, who once again interprets ‘Try Everything’, a song from the soundtrack of … Read more

A new claim of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein accuses Disney of turning a blind eye

Harvey Weinstein founded Miramax in the late 70’s and was the king of the american independent film until 2017, when they began to encounter tens of allegations of abuse, sexual harassment and rape, still some of his alleged victims, actresses the likes of Cate Blanchett, Cara Delevingne, Rose McGowan or Kate Beckinsale. During these almost … Read more

Disney plus censorship, a plunging neckline on ‘The wizards of Waverly Place’

Disney plus has decided to censor a plunging neckline on ‘The wizards of Waverly Place’ on its platform and this has provoked the anger of the fans. This is what happened. The great change of Jake T. Austin, the small of ‘The wizards of Waverly Place’. Never get mad at a fan, because they are … Read more

Disney would be planning a spin-off original of ‘Aladdin’

Although there were doubts in the way, the remake in live-action of ‘Aladdin‘with Will Smith as a Genius he had a huge success among critics and the public. Thus, it is not surprising that Disney interested to continue with the winning combination and a long time ago that confirmed that they explored the possibilities of … Read more

The provocative Bella Thorne: who is the ex-girl Disney declared pansexual, and is displayed without filter on the social networks

Bella will fulfill 22 years old next October (IG: bellathorne) The cameras and Bella Thorne they began their relationship when she was just a baby then appeared in a magazine for parents when she was only six weeks old. More than two decades later, the young woman triumphs in the media for his work, but … Read more

Bella Thorne, a former actress Disney, directed a pornographic movie

The actress Bella Thornea former child star of Disney Channel who last month announced his pansexualidad, has made his debut at 21 years of age as film director with a movie pornographicannounced last Tuesday, the dedicated channel Pornhub. “My initial idea was to create a christmas movie horrorbut instead I made a film, beautiful and … Read more

The story of Bella Thorne, the girl Disney suffered abuse and ended up rolling pornography

Bella Thorne it is famous for having been the girl Disney at the time of 2010, performing a dancer and singer teenager in the series Shake It Up that coprotagonizaba next to the successful actress Zendaya. Now, after many turns of the script in your life, it is a aware of feminist activist and rights … Read more