What Millie Bobby Brown will be the replacement of the Doctor Pole in ‘Case Closed?

Mexico city.- Many were the memes that were created in social networks with respect to the image of a woman much older than was planned actress youthful Millie Bobby Brown during a speech presented on the UN. One of the most recent was published by the recognized account ‘memelasdeorizaba’ who took the picture of the … Read more

Selena Gmez inspires the staff doctor with his music in the midst of the pandemic, are put to dance!

Selena Gmez he continues to be unstoppable in the centre of attention in the social networks, despite the pandemic that is gripping the world. And that is precisely, your music has been the elixir for many of its fans these days. Besides joining the fight against the coronavirus with their valuable donations, the pop star … Read more

‘The adventures of Doctor Dolittle’ will arrive in 4K, Blu-ray and Dvd on may 22

The latest adventure of Robert Downey Jr. comes in format home, The adventures of Doctor Dolittle. This adventure led to the public more small, and introduces us to a world that is adventurous and full of fantasy, from animals to communicate with a human being search of a lost place. Universal Home Entertainment will launch … Read more

Reveal art unpublished Doctor Strange with blue layer

© Sencacine Mexico / MX Reveal art unpublished Doctor Strange with blue layer Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) quickly became one of the darlings of the Movie Universe of Marvel as a bearer of unique abilities that allowed him to wish for the unique opportunity, among the millions that had, that had the superheroes in Avengers: … Read more

Luke Alvarez, the child of ‘The impossible’ now fights as a doctor against the coronavirus | People

What seemed like a normal interview to a Spanish doctor who works in the Uk and these days fight against the coronavirus was rapidly becoming a memory of the tsunami that hit in 2004, countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand, with more than 250,000 fatalities. “You are that child who saved his … Read more

Doctor allegedly rejected by IMSS sells snacks by COVID-19

A medical surgeon graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), identified as Alfredo Ortiz-Camacho, who was supposedly rejected the call the Union of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to replace the staff during a public health emergency by coronavirus or COVID-19, rode a since snacks. As reported by the daily 24 HoursOrtiz Camacho … Read more

What better than Alfred Molina? Reveal video of Willem Dafoe playing Doctor Octopus in ‘Spider-Man 2’

One of the best films of the genre of superheroes was without a doubt ‘Spider-Man 2’. A film that could be called as a pioneer, so that the new films of the genre are everywhere. Something very applauded within the film, was the interpretation of Alfred Molina as the villain, but has now revealed a … Read more