Marvel will offer to Sam Raimi’s direction of Spider-Man 4 | Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness | Tom Holland | Movies and series

When it was announced that Marvel would not have Scott Derrickson for the sequel of Doctor Strangethe fans were disappointed. However, the recent confirmation that its place will be occupied by Sam Raimi, director of the original trilogy of Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguirehas returned excitement to the fans and has set the expectations in the … Read more

Doctor Strange pulls out of crazy to Iron Man in this scene deleted from Avengers: Infinity War

The arts conceptual that share often the artists who have worked for Marvel Studios tend to show alternate versions of characters or situations of these films, but in some cases even reveal deleted scenes. It is with these concepts Avengers: Infinity War. Artist John Staub shared in your profile of Instagram with a series of … Read more

‘He says that he opened a third eye’: Family Paty wants to take her to the doctor

In the last few months, Paty Navidad has become one of the most controversial figures to broadcast their opinions on Twitter about issues like global warming, the environmental activist Greta Thunberg, or as it has been done recently on the coronavirus, to say that it is a virus created to protect the interests of the … Read more

Jessica Chastain rejected ‘Doctor Strange’ way more cool

Rachel McAdams was ultimately chosen to interpret dr. Christine Palmer in ‘Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange)’, a role which might have ended in the hands of Jessica Chastain. And that is that this actress had the opportunity to join the project marvelita, according to the screenwriter, C. Robert Cargill, but finally he said no, “way more … Read more

From the Joker to Doctor Sleep, and Veronica Mars: here’s the april 2020 is Infinity

Infinity has its special programming for april 2020of Joker a Doctor Sleepabout the Matrix series, tv cult Veronica Mars! The service offers a selection of the best movies with the whole family, or alone, in search of emotions. We discover together the new catalog! Cinema From 3. – 9. april, come on the Infinity Premiere … Read more

‘The Good Doctor’: Two main characters leave the series before the fourth season

Beware of SPOILERS! ‘The Good Doctor’, the series starring a brilliant surgeon played by Freddie Highmore, scheduled to premiere its fourth season in the fall of 2020. After his return, things will have changed, because two of their main actors have left the series. We talk about Nicholas Gonzalez and Jasika Nicole, who play the … Read more

The future of ‘the Good Doctor’ after the tragic end of the third season

BEWARE OF SPOILERS! *This article reveals spoilers from the end of the third season of ‘The Good Doctor’. The last two chapters of the third season of ‘The Good Doctor’ have culminated in a tragic end after the great earthquake that devastated San Jose, bringing with it the destruction, the death and making it impossible … Read more

Hugh Laurie is clear about what he would say the Doctor House before the coronavirus

After eight seasons starring in ‘House’, Hugh Laurie has acquired medical knowledge was more than enough to make a short note and give a wise advice about the coronavirus on his Twitter account: I can’t speak for House, obviously – no one’s written clever words for me to say – but I m pretty sure … Read more