New look! Look at the new style of Shakira left without words to Pique It doesn’t seem it!

The colombian singer has left us in love with your look out-of-series, How original! April 27, 2020 · 14:04 hs The colombian singer Shakira has stolen the heart of this opportunity because from its inception was shown to have a great style and a unique personality that has captivated thousands of people. On this occasion, … Read more

I removed the paper! Warner doesn’t like Jason Momoa as Aquaman Do You agree?

Warner Bros is apparently not in accordance with the adaptations you have made of the heroes of DC Comics and, to correct all their mistakes and compete with Marvel, have revealed that Jason Momoa will no longer be the hero of Atlantis. A while ago the fans thought that the protagonist of Aquaman it would … Read more

It to be discovered! It comes to light that Ariana Grande doesn’t want you to know that it Hides a great secret!

Ariana Grande, is one of the celebrities who, despite being very young, has earned a respectable place in the world of show business thanks to his talent and charisma. The u.s. he has also conquered millions of fans with their beauty, while in the plane of the sentimental has broken the hearts of more than … Read more

The spectacular duplex penthouse that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t get to sell in New York

Jennifer Lopez is passing the confinement with his family in Miami, but equally could have done it in the spectacular penthouse duplex that he owns in New York since 2014, and that do not get rid after three years on sale. The house is located between the streets 26 and 21 East, very close to … Read more

Demi Lovato doesn’t consider Selena Gomez his girlfriend

Strong words have been left out Lovato in his conversation with Harper’s Bazaar… In the early days of his career, Demi Lovato rubbed shoulders with other stars of the studios Disney and he came to know thoroughly the great majority of them, but today it has lost contact with their former colleagues in the profession. … Read more

Zac Efron unworthy to his fans, doesn’t sing in a reunion of High School Musical

Zac Efron unworthy to his fans, doesn’t sing in a reunion of High School Musical | Instagram Zac Efron has caused enormous discomfort to her fans not to sing in the reunion of High School Musical. Twelve years later, the original cast of the movie musical has returned to gather online for all sing together … Read more