Alec Baldwin makes fierce criticism parodying Donald Trump while drinking bleach

The comedian left in ridicule in repeatedly to the president of the united States while played it for SNL Alec Baldwin has recovered from the confinement of his now-famous imitation of Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live. In the latest edition of the legendary comedy show, the protagonist Rockefeller Plaza, and To Rome with love … Read more

The true identity of Donald Glover in ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ was revealed and no one noticed

The renowned actor and singer made a special appearance in the film of 2017 that surprised everyone by the role that embodied, as it gives to many occurrences in the world of the superhero spider -, but little has been spoken of that since deliveries as ‘Endgame’ and ‘Far From Home’ were released, but it … Read more

Coronavirus in the united States: Cardi B on Instagram shows that he is afraid for his life after criticizing Donald Trump and think that he has watched

Editor: The Popular21 Apr 2020 | 16:14 h Is concerned and so let you know. The arrival of the coronavirus to the united States has been devastating. Thousands of people have lost their lives because of this disease, and this has outraged Cardi B, who does not fear to speak out against Donald Trump. However, … Read more

For the first time, Kanye West will vote for Donald Trump

Kanye West admitted that for the first time shall issue a vote in the presidential election of 2020, nothing more and nothing less than the president, Donald Trump. It should be noted that, Kanye West confessed his admiration the entrepreneur and the president of the united States, Donald Trumpthe comment that for the first time … Read more

Rihanna exploits against their fans and Donald Trump before the crisis

Rihanna exploits against their fans and Donald Trump before the crisis | Instagram The singer, businesswoman and fashion designer barbadense Rihanna exploded enraged with their followers in Instagram, and before the same Donald Trump to the measures taken by the crisis. Recently the singer performed a live in its official account of Instagram and it … Read more

Cardi B breaks out against Donald Trump and his policies around the COVID-19

// By: Erik Yarib sun 12 April, 2020 A new video of the rapper and performer Cardi B is circulating on Twitter thanks to a publication in which the interpreter of ‘I Like It’ is sharply criticizing the government of president Donald J. Trump. In this video brings out the true situation of the … Read more

Donald Trump studied to pardon to Joe Exotic after the success of ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix

Netflix returns to remind us of the power of the media. Already happened with ‘Making a Murderer’, a docuserie put you in the limelight the old legal case of Steven Avery and his dubious sentence of 18 years in prison. In his time, a request for pardon for Avery came to the White House with … Read more

¡Cardi B furious with Donald Trump! Do you blame his followers? “They’re not taking it seriously”

The day of yesterday, Bernie Sanders, a united States senator and presidential candidate, announced his withdrawal from the campaign. This gender confusion and concern around the world. Sanders was the candidate to avoid that Donald Trump will continue at the helm of the country. Several artists expressed their opinion against the decision taken by the … Read more

Selena Gomez questions immigration policy of Donald Trump

The singer originally from Texas, said that Donald Trump, president of the united States, can improve the conditions of undocumented people Motivated to talk about a subject that is vibrating in its history, Selena Gomez ventured to question the immigration policy of Donald Trump, president of the united States, for she is convinced that the … Read more