Kate Moss and Rachel Weisz donate clothes to combat the coronavirus

Regarding the current situation of pandemic that has affected the whole world, many eminent personalities of the industry fashionthe beauty and the show have contributed from their trenches all the help you have been able to fight the virus and support to all who have been affected by this situation. In this opportunity, the top … Read more

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner donate proceeds of her new fragrance to feed affected by COVID-19: PHOTO

Editor: The Popular06 Apr 2020 | 13:00 h They had a great gesture. The arrival of the coronavirus to United States it has been devastating. The pandemic not only has it led to the launch of a finally isolationbut that has hurt millions of families. Therefore, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner decided to do something … Read more

What a generous! Jennifer Lopez premieres show where it will donate thousands of dollars to those who need it

By very unreal as it sounds, celebrities the likes of Jennifer Lopez and others are going to release a program where the theme is to donate money to people who need it and will not be something small, but up to 100 thousand dollars for each episode. Is incredible proposal comes from the hand of … Read more

Coronavirus: the family Ferrero will donate 10 million for the emergency

In these weeks, so hard, sono really very many individual citizens, corporations, companies, associations, decided in these days, in donations to hospitals throughout Italy committed to the emergency counter Coronavirus. Not an appeal to the miss family Ferrero. The holders of the colossus confectionery, by the company, Ferrero Spa of Italy, have decided to donate … Read more

Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Arnold Schwarzenegger donate millions of dollars to combat the coronavirus

Although the coronavirus is a tragedy at the global level, it is leaving very nice moments. The planet is more united than ever, and all we are fighting for a common cause. There are many celebrities who have contributed their grain of sand to help combat the coronavirus, such as Ernesto Sevilla in Spain, who … Read more

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West donate money and food to charities that fight the coronavirus

The entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and the rapper Kanye West also joined the celebrities who are donating money, food and/or medical resources to combat the crisis coronavirus in the world and protect the most vulnerable people. The star of the reality show announced that it would designate 20% of the sales of his empire of underwear … Read more

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donate a million dollars and the phone number of Hugh Jackman for the crisis of the coronavirus

With the pandemic of the COVID-19 banging around the world, several celebrities have decided to offer their help as they can, whether by teaching their followers to wash their hands well or, as is the case of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, by donating a large sum of money. “COVID-19 has impacted brutally on older … Read more

Ariana Grande calls on fans to donate to Italy for the emergency Coronavirus

Ariana Grande calls on fans to donate to Italy for the emergency Coronavirus This site uses cookies to profiling for advertising purposes. If you want to know more or refuse consent to all or some cookies click here. If you continue browsing or close this toolbar, you agree to the use of cookies. Following the … Read more