Each production Netflix stopped due to coronavirus

The coronavirus is spreading slowly all over the world, wreaking havoc on the global economy. Is causing disruptions to companies and organizations around the world, including and (perhaps most relevant for us) the calendar of production of Netflix. Here you see all the productions currently confirmed as delayed due to the outbreak. Then, we will … Read more

The son of Elizabeth Hurley saw altered their plans birthday due to the quarantine

He is the son of Elizabeth Hurley is officially an adult! Saturday, Damian Hurley celebrated his 18th birthday. However, due to the current pandemic coronavirus and the need to take social distance, the celebration was affected. In a recent posting of Instagram stated that “the insulation has drastically altered the plans for his last night … Read more

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande will send the money to the fans in difficulties due to the Coronavirus

There are many stars these days are making a donation to this or that charity, to help the people affected by the emergency Coronavirus. But Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have chosen to go a step further, by sending the money directly to the fans in the difficulty the economy because of the pandemic. the … Read more

Patty Jenkins said no to ‘Thor: The dark world’ due to its terrible script: “it Would have seemed that it was my fault”

Taking into account what was said in his day, when the bomb exploded, it is not surprising nothing the reflection that now arises Patty Jenkins, almost a decade later. Closed the issue with the classic “it was due to creative differences” while in Hollywood stretched the outrageous rumor that in reality Jenkins, a filmmaker who … Read more

Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio cancel their tour together due to a STRONG reason

Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio cancel their tour together by a STRONG motive/Photo: eonline Alejandra Guzman and Paulina Rubio they were going to start a tour together this year in a few months, everything was already ready to boot with the promising gig, until they decided to cancel it. But no, it wasn’t because of … Read more

‘Riverdale’ halts the production of the fourth season due to the coronavirus

If yesterday we talked about ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ as the first series that had been affected by the measures against the coronavirus, canceling shoots in Prague, today we see that is not the only one. ‘Riverdale’, a series he was preparing for his fourth season, has stopped production of the same after … Read more

The Mega-game exhibition E3 will most likely be cancelled due to the Crown

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is considered to be one of the world’s most important Gaming trade fair in the world. However, in order to 2020, the mega-event is cancelled, in accordance with the insider report, most likely due to the Coronavirus. A photo-series of 10 images In the event of the video games, the … Read more