Pablo Alborán sang a song of Camilo Echeverry And up-to-Evaluna Montaner liked it!

The Spanish Pablo Alboran surprised their fans by covering a song by the venezuelan Camilo Echeverry. Even the author of said theme song is shared on their social networks, and the fans clapped the material! Does Alborán did it better? May 09, 2020 · 10:56 pm In the last few hours, Camilo Echeverry thanked their … Read more

You know what’s more shocking and funny of Camilo Echeverry when he was just a child

Camilo Echeverry from a very young age has possessed a unique personality and very smart, the same showing in any place where it came-Even on television programs! 08 May 2020 · 21:11 pm At 26 years of age, the singer of urban music Camilo Echeverry has managed to become one of the artists most sought … Read more