I break records! The third season Elite is one of the most viewed Netflix

Last Friday was the premiere of the third season of Elite, which in just four days is already positioned as one of the most views of your production house. Previously, the first two installments of this blockbuster Netflix left more than one with the mouth open. Related News And this last does not seem to … Read more

Esther Expósito (Elite) to lower the pants and you will see that! (and the photo is from behind)

April 01, 2020 (14:10 CET) Esther Expósito has gone from being a complete unknown to being one of the main phenomena fan in our country. And is that with just 20 years, madrid has become a star thanks to his role on the popular series of Netflix Elite. A series that, since then, and as … Read more

Danna Paola and the cast of Elite launches a surprise music video

Danna Paola and the cast of Elite launches a surprise music video The members of Elitethe series of Netflix, have shared a video in which they appear as actors, producers, cameramen and the production team, playing a song of support, because of the pandemic by the Covid-19. In the video out personalities as Danna Paola, … Read more

Esther Expósito (Elite) hides and Álvaro Rico discover

March 26, 2020 (14:55 CET) In the middle of the quarantine series Elite has returned to devastate, although the Mary Pedraza, Toy Boy, is eclipsing. It is once again to talk about Esther Expósito, Danna Paola, or all the protagonists of the fiction on Netflix. Madrid has become the actress of fashion’s most in demand … Read more

Danna Paola: rumors of an affair with the actor Jorge Lopez | Elite

Are increasingly strong rumors of a romance between Danna Paola and the actor Jorge Lopez. The complicity between Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez is very noticeable in the series the Elite and out of the screen. | Source: Google Days ago, the singer Danna Paola posted a photo on their social networks where he was … Read more

I Was In Shock! Danna Paola EXPLOITS against Elite Did you Quit the series?

Oh scandal! Danna Paola EXPLOITS against Elite Did you Quit the series? Danna Paola this is again in the middle of a controversy, and now it has to do with his work in the Spanish series Elite, where it allegedly has played a temper tantrum against the producers, Was the reporter Gabriel Caves who explained … Read more

I offer to leave Elite! Esther Expósito and Danna Paola I tempted! Netflix the lost!

March 25, 2020 (16:09 CET) Without a doubt, one of the few good news that we have had during the crisis of the coronavirus, has been the third season of Elite. The series of Netflix was released just the next day that it was issued by the state of alarm in Spain and swept at … Read more