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How to beat Highcard boss of Chapter 4 Temp 2

The new season has arrived with everything Fortniteand it is that mega citycomes full of surprises, skins, cosmetics, challenges and much more that players are already enjoying all its news. And so, as with each new season of Fortnite, a new boss is usually added to the map, for you …

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Fortnite: how to solve the two challenges of the Cipher Missions (Day 1 and 2) | Epic Games | Mexico | Spain | DEPOR-PLAY

Cipher Missions have reached Fortnite with the new update. At the moment, there are two challenges that are active and are easy to complete. They are named “″ and “ 1.22.″. Here we tell you how to complete them without problems. To start the quest, …

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Fortnite welcomes Season 2 of Chapter 4 with lots of news

Fortnite: Battle Royalethe well-known battle royale free to play from Epic Games, has recently been updated with the second season of Chapter 4 with a lot of news that the company itself has revealed in an official statement on its website. Broadly speaking, this new season adds a new location …

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