Serena Williams and your agreement with a brand deodorants for promoting gender equality

Serena Williams it has been associated with the brand deodorants Secret in order to become his advisor at the time of where to invest money to promote gender equality. The brand’s commitment is to allocate 1 million dollars to this end and have been recognized in the american tennis player to a leader in this … Read more

With anecdotes, feelings, and Lady Gaga, Enrique Sanchez celebrates marriage equality ”

Enrique Sánchez, deputy of the Partido Acción Ciudadana. Drafting. Recalling the “Kike” for 10 years that he thought of the policy, nor in the egalitarian marriage, I did not understand very well what they were about human rights, that he did not know what to answer when he said that if you already had … Read more

Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan criticize failure on demand for wage equality

The stars of the american football Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan they said Monday that they were “impacted” before the rejection of the claim of equal pay presented for your selection and confirmed that the team will appeal this court decision. After a year-long court battle, the federal judge Gary Klausner Friday gave a blow … Read more

A demand loss and the blow to the fight for the equality of women’s football, USA

The 8 of march of last year, Woman’s Day, the women’s national team of football of the united States, current world champion, claimed his Federation after months of conflict over equal pay with her male co-workers and working conditions. It was not the first time that the Federation was facing a similar case, or much … Read more

a step backward towards equality

Related news The coronavirus has stopped almost completely the world of sport. Competitions and tournaments are postponed or cancelled, athletes working in their homes as they can… Under this scenario, the women’s soccer it is not an exception. In Spainthe First Iberdrola continues to stop without knowing the date on which you will be able … Read more