ANOTHER MORE – J Balvin breaks the quarantine and is given to the escape on a motorcycle (+VIDEO)

J Balvin not take more isolation and decided to go out to the street to make a turn on a motorcycle. The renowned singer of colombian origin J Balvin, it didn’t last another day without leaving the house, because the interpreter already takes nearly two months in quarantine, remand the COVID19. So, decided to break … Read more

I can’t take any more! Justin Bieber wants to escape for a quick vacation with Hailey Baldwin

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Two journalists live long odyssey to escape the covid-19

A chronicle narrated by Lucila Carzoglio and Salvador Marinaro refers to the avatars who have lived for three months to try to return to his home in Shanghai, then during your vacation in the Philippines the global crisis by the covid-19 sharpened and prompted the closure of borders. In an interview at a distance, with … Read more

Nathalie Emmanuel: “This series is a fun way to escape the troubles of the world”

Four american friends are reunited in London, the city where they studied vowing to return, and where he now unleashed a string of romances, breakdowns and existential dilemmas and of the heart. Sweet and lightweight, the series Four weddings and a funeral -retains its original title in Latin america – proposes that game in ten … Read more

YouTube viral: cat tries to escape from his ‘older brother’ and stars in funny scene | Photos | Video | Social Networks | Social Networks

You’ll want to know the whole story. Through the popular platform of YouTube has unveiled a new viral video who has stolen more than a smile to the users in the social networks. The images were able to capture the precise moment that a cat tries to sneak out behind his ‘older brother’, a shiba … Read more

The other challenge (after coronavirus) that no one in the world to escape

Companies, investors and governments should prepare for a major reallocation of capital to another very important issue: climate change. April 7, 2020 4 min read The opinions expressed by the contributors of Entrepreneur are personal to you. The major challenges and the needs of our time are the issues that are at the center of … Read more

“I don’t endure any more!” Alexa Dellanos chose bad the size of… it Is escape!

Alexa Dellanos you know perfectly that each photograph that you post on social networks will have a high impact among the internet users that follow your account. With more than one and a half million “followers”, the daughter of the journalist Myrka Dellanos has chips to bet with all the fury, so it has a … Read more