“The Eternals”: Kit Harington breaks the silence about the delay of the movie of Marvel

The pandemic of coronavirus has spread around the globe at an alarming rate. This made, with the intention of stopping its spread, the entertainment industry had to take a step back at the request of governments. Inevitably, many of the productions have ceased their shooting, others saw its release on digital and other directly were … Read more

Marvel Studios made a major change to the character of Salma Hayek in ‘Eternals’

The new superhero team is ready to get to the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU), however, some of his protagonists will have changes in different aspects, for example, Ajak of Salma Hayek will replace Zuras in ‘Eternals’. Remember that in 2019 was presented to all the actors that conform the group of heroes, among them … Read more

Let him shut up! Confirm a spoiler GIANT on The Eternals of Marvel

Jim Starlin insurance generated the surprise of all the fans in the world Marvel when they sent a spoiler giant on The Eternals, the upcoming movie of the world of superhérores. The legend of the comic and the creator of Thanos said that the history of their character “has not finished”, because “a younger version … Read more

The eternals presented to Namor | Marvel | The Eternal | UCM | Cinema and series

A new theory emerged on Reddit suggesting that the next film of the Movie universe of Marvel (UCM), The Eternals, would serve to Namor make their first appearance. The forum believes that the tape of the Phase 4 will present a scene which shows the kingdom of Atlantis from Namor sinking in the ocean, that … Read more

Thank you to ‘Eternals’! The MCU will live in 2021, something that has not happened since 2011

The pandemic coronavirus change several plans for the so-called house of ideas, however, ironically has done something historic in the company, which was not the case since 2011: Marvel Studios will have two new franchises in 2021. Recently, the brand belonging to Disney announced that the dates of all their upcoming films in phase 4 … Read more

Marvel: the fault of Funko Pop! he reveals himself to the villain of “The Eternals”

Marvel: the fault of Funko Pop! he reveals himself to the villain of “The Eternals” Marvel no longer able to keep the secret about who is the villain of the first installment of “The Eternals”following the launch of the full list of the next Funko Pop! that will be on sale very soon. Villain of … Read more

‘Eternals’ of Marvel is still working on the visual effects from home

After you have delayed the movie ‘Black Widow’, for the moment, we have had no news on if this is going to affect or not to ‘Eternals’, the next project from Marvel that has November as a release date. It is for this reason that despite the quarantine, the specialists of visual effects for the … Read more