Kylie Jenner ‘land’ in Europe to continue with his empire of cosmetic products

Related news Kylie Jenner (22 years) has become the young most powerful and rich of the world according to the list published annually by the magazine Forbes. To the surprise of many, the cited publication desvelaba that the fortune of the influencer, the smallest of the clan Kardashian, surpassed the 1,000 million dollars. The different … Read more

Disney+ reached 5 million downloads in Europe after their arrival to Spain and more countries

With the health crisis, and the confinement in our homes, the viewing of the streaming platforms has exploded, reaching even to the possibility of collapsing the network. Tuesday 24th finally arrived Disney+ Spain and a few countries more. On the same day of its launch, the platform application has reached 5 million downloads. In addition … Read more

Netflix will reduce the quality of video in Europe in order not to overload the networks

It is clear that we are living in some difficult days, confinement at home, being one of the main activities the consumption of content platforms such as Netflixwith the premiere of series such as ‘Elite’ or the imminent arrival of ‘The house of paper’, among others. With this, we will board the fact that has … Read more

BTS: By COVID-19 suspended sale of tickets for world tour in Europe

BTS: By COVID-19 suspended sale of tickets for world tour in Europe BTS it is the group of K-Pop’s most famous moment was in the middle of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)since your new Map Of The Soul Tour 2020 has been suspended in several countries of the world, including South Korea and on this occasion, a … Read more

Huawei P40 Pro: price for Europe

Huawei will be presented in a few days, and the P40’s Programming, and this means that the number of Leaks is increasing. The more partners you take, the greater the risk that the Details will come to light. An interesting question though: What do you need to get the model from the top of the … Read more

The international space station: the First private platform in Europe, begin in the All – Live

I know 05:30 07.03.2020Short Link Sputnik, Germany Sputnik With “Bartholomew”, should be-expanded to the International space station (ISS) for a party platform that enables enterprises and research organizations, projects and commercial space. The platform has been built and tested in Germany. Right now it’s a “Dragon”space capsule at Kennedy Space Center. … Read more