Rihanna shares her sadness at the events after the death of George Floyd

UNITED STATES.– The singer and actress barbadense Rihanna shared what is sad and devastated that it has felt in the last few days after the events related to George Floyd, an african american man who lost his life after being arrested by four officers in the city of Minneapolis, the united States, a fact that … Read more

These are virtual events organized by public figures for the graduates of 2020

The health crisis of the pandemic, the COVID-19 it has altered the life and agenda of everyone, especially the students of schools and universities who -for the moment – have been cancelled, the ceremonies and celebrations of graduation. Before the fight to combat the virus that has affected more than 4.4 million people at the … Read more

Portaltic.-Facebook welcomes the graduation of the course of 2020 with virtual events with Oprah Winfrey and Miley Cyrus

MADRID, 12 May. (Portatic/EP) – Facebook has started the celebrations of its Week Rankings, in which he congratulated college students who graduate in this course 2020 through virtual events on Facebook and Instagram featuring by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Miley Cyrus. This series of events has as its goal that students who graduate from … Read more

The drama of James, Charles, and the events of 2019 most searched on Google

Google reveals the names, events and subjects most wanted this year. If at this time revisaras your history of searches in Google, what would be the constant? Of face the last few weeks of this year, the platform most used for Internet searches has revealed what a large part of the users searched for this … Read more

Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston presume the same outfit at different events

The duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and actress Jennifer Aniston, it seems that they agreed and wore the same outfit on different occasions, made public in various news portals. Kate Middleton, the wife of prince William, and Jennifer Aniston are two of the world celebrities that constantly give to talk about and this time is … Read more

Three online events for this Friday and Saturday

Due to the quarantine, the various personalities and institutions have organized events that were transmitted online to entertain the people who are staying at home and, of step, to help those who are fighting against the COVID-19 This weekend, do you cook with Carlos Gaytán or attend a concert global?Due to the quarantine, the various … Read more

Ocesa suspends all their major events because of the coronavirus in Mexico

Ocesa suspends all their major events because of the coronavirus in Mexico Ocesa, a company renowned for organizing the most important events in our country, has issued a statement through their social networks, which informs internet users that all the national events you will be suspended as a health measure to prevent the spread of … Read more

The court will not consider the case of the burnt bikini, there are too many unknowns – Events – news of St. Petersburg

Pushkin district court did not consider the case of the burnt bikini client of the center of beauty and cosmetology “Moon garden”. Materials proceedings against the General Director of Marina Dolgosheeva returned to the Prosecutor’s office for revision. December 10, the city court upheld the decision of the previous instance without change, although the victim … Read more