Astronomers have, for the rain made of liquid metal, in a hot gas giant, according to the Exoplanet: it’s raining iron, scinexx

Hell, in the shower: an area of approximately 640 light-years away, exoplanet rain in the evening, the cast iron of the heaven, and as the notes suggest. The gas giant WASP-76b, and therefore, it is your day, you are so hot that even the metal will evaporate. Due to the strong wind, the iron, the … Read more

WASP-76b: An Exoplanet with iron rain

Astronomers at the European southern Observatory (ESO) has observed an exoplanet that is your Belief falls down to the evaporated iron, such as in the rain. Responsible for the ultra-hot temperatures of over 2,400 degrees Celsius, on the giant celestial body, called WASP-76b, the star is transformed into a limit on the Rotation, only one … Read more

This exoplanet, it rains iron

The weather is making it well-known, sometimes bizarre things. However, in the world of ice, beautiful beaches, and the earth, the storm is nothing, however, as it is on some other planet, in Accordance with the glass, and the diamond now, but I know in a world where there is no night, the liquid iron … Read more