“Ruined,” and is a VIP Telecinco. Lydia Lozano was not expecting it

March 26, 2020 (10:00 CET) Lydia Lozano decided not to come to Save me for the duration of the state of alert. The collaborator connects with the program as others of their colleagues by Skype. In spite of this is always the last hour. This health crisis will bring a great economic crisis with thousands … Read more

With everything in the air! Mila Ximénez not expecting to see this. “God’s beautiful love!”

March 24, 2020 (12:14 CET) Finally a joy among so much bad news. In the midst of the tough situation through which passes the planet, some try to make more bearable this time of confinement and concern. Mila Ximénez, who remains locked up in the house, as all the Spanish, you have left the eyes … Read more

“You have broken!”. Anabel Pantoja are not expecting something like that, but there is no turning back

March 23, 2020 (19:16 CET) Anabel Pantoja has enjoyed a great reception by the public, and that can be noticed with its 960 thousand followers on Instagram. Clear that to be a niece of Isabel Pantoja he supplied in some measure the way towards the recognition. All was going well until a few months ago, … Read more

Bad Bunny wore his GIRLFRIEND to do crazy things No one was expecting it!

Bad Bunny wore his GIRLFRIEND to do crazy things No one was expecting it! Bad Bunny is a renowned puerto rican singer that has achieved a reputation unsurpassed in the world of music, and while he maintains contact with public life, had never revealed who was his mysterious girlfriend. That is why now Bad Bunny … Read more

Katy Perry confirms in a video that she and Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby

Katy Perry has released a bombshell next to your last video clip: you’re pregnant! As announced on Instagram, the singer premiered ‘Never Worn White’ the night of the 4th of march. While we were all expecting to see another song over Perry, she made sure that this didn’t pass unnoticed and at the end of … Read more