So is the Extraction of Netflix, the reunion of Chris Hemsworth with the brothers Russo

Chris Hemsworth you must monetize the arms that shaped like Thorthe norse God that held the hammer in the movies Marvel. How and where they’re planning to display them? Thus in an action movie for Netflix call Extraction and where is reunited with the brothers Russo, the architects of The Avengers: Endgame. Those who sought … Read more

Extraction / Tyler Rake: a Critique of the Netflix movie with Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction. Netflix I miss going to the cinema. And every time I give him a look at the schedule of movies and I see that we will not be able to see anything in theaters until July (hopefully) I get depressed a little. But I’m fully in favor of the home theater. … Read more

Chris Hemsworth was overwhelmed by the action in the extraction

Chris Hemsworth was overwhelmed by the action on Extraction We’re just a few days of the debut in the action drama Netflix Extractionstarring Chris Hemsworth as an evil mercenary who finds himself fighting for his life when a mission that involves a child going to Hell. As a result, the action wild as it looks … Read more

Chris Hemsworth reveals what was the scene that was not able to record in ‘Extraction’

One of the premieres that anyone can lose in April is the new original film from Netflix, ‘Extraction’. It is starring Chris Hemsworth and promises to combine everything that they love who likes action movies. But now, Hemsworth has revealed what was the scene most dangerous ‘Extraction’. The film follows Tyler Rake, played by Hemsworth, … Read more

Extraction, movie starring Chris Hemsworth launches official trailer

Extraction, movie starring Chris Hemsworth launches official trailer | Instagram The platform Netflix will bring us back up to the critically acclaimed Chris Hemsworth in the highly anticipated film Extraction of the brothers Russo and fortunately is now on line the new official trailer. Today, Netflix gave us a good morning to the surprise to … Read more

Chris Hemsworth stars in “Extraction”, the new ribbon action Netflix

Chris Hemsworth stars in this new action film. Photo: Netflix Netflix has released the trailer “Extraction” your new bet in the genre of action. The actor Chris Hemsworthin this new tape with his native australian accent in the next to Golshifteh Farahani and David Harbour will be going to an explosive adventure. It might also … Read more