The costume of the most extreme of Jennifer Lopez stops to see the unthinkable

May 26, 2020 (15:04 CET) Jennifer Lopez still confined to his house Miami while in United States struggling to flatten the ascending curve of the coronavirus. And is that the data are still chilling. The north american country is the most affected by the COVID-19. It is the place where there are more known cases … Read more

Why the face of Adele looks so different after her extreme weight loss

The amazing physical transformation of Adele Adele met Tuesday to 32 years, and by way of celebration shared a photo on her profile of Instagram that quickly viralizó, due to its impressive physical transformation. The singer of “Hello”, away from the scenarios from 2017, was shown with a short black dress, which allowed to see … Read more

Zac Efron returned to Instagram to share a photo of your workouts extreme

Instagram | Rich Polk via Getty Images Zac Efron he returned to the social networks and thrilled fans with a photo so provocative and extreme. Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures Actor Zac Efron did not end very well 2019 due to a severe problem on the set of the filming of his … Read more

The coach of Adele talked about the extreme weight loss singer

Adele was in the news for his shocking physical transformation The one that was your personal trainer in London, Pete Geracimotalked about the controversy that has given rise to the physical transformation of the british singer Adelethat I could have lost more than 50 pounds by undergoing a strict diet. The new and striking image … Read more

Mia Khalifa is concerned to her fans for ‘extreme thinness’ | VIDEO | Trends

Mia Khalifa it is one of the former actresses of adult cinema’s most famous of recent years, who managed to captivate millions of people with their anatomy and sensuality. But on this occasion, the model of lebanese worried about his followers who the more noticeable thin and depressed. Mia Khalifa the 27 year old was … Read more

‘The house of paper’ is back with a Part 4 that is more explosive, more extreme and with old mistakes

The secret of the international success of ‘The house of paper’ is a fusion of styles from your premise. Álex Pina knew how to combine the typical history of robberies, bastard child of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie, with a DNA absolutely Spanish. Your script could have been written in Hollywood if it were not … Read more

It was to the extreme! Rita Ora shows how to use a bikini with style

Rita Ora he’s dancing to his followers with rhythms vibrant in the genre pop and electronic musical work that complements a styling wild. It does not go unnoticed! The famous artist knows very well how to dazzle their fans on social networks and in scenarios of their concerts around the world. Precisely, it was the … Read more