Met Gala: Rihanna, and the fabulous dresses that have been used over time

The MET Gala wouldn’t be the same without one of the celebrities more expected during the night: Rihanna. How to forget that huge dress tail long, sandy authorship of the designer Guo Pei, with which he became the celebrity most commented during the gala of the exhibition China: Through the Looking Glassheld in 2015. In … Read more

The fabulous 62 years of Michele Pfeiffer from your quarantine Los Angeles

The actress credits her good looks to exercise and the vegan diet (and a little bit of surgery) Updated 29/04/2020 11:38 Actress Michelle Pfeiffer (California, 1958) conforms to 62 years in her home of Los Angeles, where it passes the quarantine of the coronavirus and the stayhome. Since his return to screens in 2017 is … Read more

This is the fabulous mansion that was purchased Selena Gomez in Los Angeles

The artist acquired a magnificent villa, valued at 4.9 million dollars, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. I go and see! The mansion is isolated from everything. Photo: Fotonoticias. Selena Gomez bought a new mansion in Los Angeles, in the San Fernando Valley, for 4.9 million dollars. The house is in Oak and was … Read more

Ariana Grande with a fabulous circle of Harry Potter reveals which is his own family

July 15, 2019 In the course of the years, Ariana Grande has never hidden its great passion for the saga of Harry Potter – something that makes us love even more the beautiful pop star. As a true potterhead, Ari has shared on his Instagram Stories is an adorable homage to its magical franchise favorite: … Read more

Ariana Grande has taken her trusted boots for a pair of fabulous platform sneakers

19 December 2019 The casual style of Ariana Grande? High ponytail, sweatshirt/t-shirt/bomber jacket oversized worn as a dress and her ubiquitous boots with heel above the knee. But in the last Instagram look shared by the singer of “God Is A Woman” is missing one of these components tested: the beautiful 26-year-old removed his trusted … Read more