“I Cateta!” (and worse things) Georgina Rodriguez bundled with this photo (and very fat)

March 13, 2020 (18:37 CET) Daniel Ruganias a player of Juventus Turin, was the first positive case of coronavirus in the Italian football and put his team in quarantine, and to Cristiano Ronaldo heading to Portugal after learning of his negative in the tests for the coronavirus. The Portuguese footballer took his private plane and … Read more

“How fat? And oh, how!”. Rosalia is not hidden, and teaches us all that you have there!

March 11, 2020 (18:48 CET) The incursion of Rosalia in the music industry marked a before and an after for many genres, which is now seeking to reinvent itself with all kinds of mergers. And although the Catalan ensure that everything in music has already been invented, which makes it sounds completely different to the … Read more

The escort of Eleanor the lia (and very fat) doing this at a children’s party, the cole

07 of march 2020 (10:32 CET) The book Letizia, the queen Impatient the journalist Leonardo Faccio it is revealing unknown aspects of the Royal family, especially the queen. A biography of the most controversial, where the wife of Felipe VI is not in a very good place to be unfolding their hobbies. The one great … Read more

166 million pesetas for it. The infanta Cristina is silent this. Last time pump (and the fat)

07 of march 2020 (11:04 CET) Danger in the Royal House. New scandal stops them and has to do with Juan Carlos I. The king emeritus is being investigated again. Is suspected of a alleged commission of us $ 100 million that would have been the father of Felipe I SAW of the arabs when … Read more