Justin Bieber reveals the favorite songs of Hailey Bieber from his new album

The album of Justin Bieber Changes was not the greatest success of his discography. In fact, it sold considerably less copies than its predecessor, Purpose. Surprisingly, Bieber seems to be taking much advantage of the changes. How are you doing this? Well, it has been churning out EPs composed of songs from the album. The … Read more

Marvel: Samuel L. Jackson reveals that Black Widow is his Avenger favorite | Scarlett Johansson | Movies and series

Nick Fury could be considered the ‘father’ of the Avengers. Given that he was the one who brought them together in the beginning, many Marvel fans have always asked the question of which one would be your favorite. While it is unlikely to get a response on the part of the character, Samuel L. Jackson … Read more

Mia Khalifa published your video more secret: your favorite position

If you’ve arrived here without knowing who I was, Mia Khalifa are in the right place. The young lebanese living in the united States for years, is one of the influencers of the moment with his nearly 20 million followers on Instagram. Now, nothing to do with the amount of fans that had when it … Read more

the favorite gems of Cara Delevingne, art on Instagram, a trip (virtual) to Segovia…

Hulton ArchiveGetty Images 1 The jewelry collection of Dior, who has fallen in love with Cara Delevingne Freedom and originality are two of the most well-known model Cara Delevingne, two qualities it shares with the collection Mimirose, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Dior in the world of jewelry. With delicate emeralds, rubies and diamonds, the … Read more

Hailey Baldwin knows what is her favorite song and not Justin Bieber

Model Hailey Baldwin has revealed what is his favorite song and the social networks have not been slow to catch fire. The wife of the canadian has shared your single favorite Instagram Stories and it is not a composition of Justin Bieber for what he has received millions of messages. Hailey Bieber and the singer … Read more

Camilo introduces us to “Favorite” your new music video with Evaluna

Camilo introduces us to “Favorite” their new music video As a gift for their most fervent fans, Camilo published a few hours ago to his followers that for this Thursday, the 26th of march, will be available their next single musical “Favorite”. Camilo became a trend in the networks, then this exciting announcement that brightened … Read more

Today in Twitter: Players in the ‘Animal Crossing’ pay homage to your favorite movies in the game

Few days ago went on sale the game ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘. The latest release of the successful franchise keeping the essence that has made it so popular all their games. And it is, in fact, that social simulation, which makes gala has arrived at the most appropriate time. As well, many players around the … Read more