The beard of the ex of Jennifer Lpez generates feelings: Look at why!

Definitely the context in which we find ourselves has been instrumental in, among other things, to make changes in our lives. Celebrities are no strangers to this and we’ve already witnessed several changes to the look and even couples. A representative case is that of the actor and american director of 47 years, Ben Affleckwho … Read more

With anecdotes, feelings, and Lady Gaga, Enrique Sanchez celebrates marriage equality ”

Enrique Sánchez, deputy of the Partido Acción Ciudadana. Drafting. Recalling the “Kike” for 10 years that he thought of the policy, nor in the egalitarian marriage, I did not understand very well what they were about human rights, that he did not know what to answer when he said that if you already had … Read more

Katy Perry generates mixed feelings in the audience with his most recent presentation

On the day of the mothers in the north of the continent, the judge of American Idol, Katy Perrysurprised the audience with his most recent presentation for “The Disney Family Singalong“. Dressed in a striking costume of the classic “Dumbo“ the interpreter of 35 years, she sang “Baby Mine” from the movie 1941. But, as … Read more

Maluma confessed to having feelings for Kendall Jenner

Maluma confessed to having feelings for Kendall Jenner | Instagram The colombian singer Maluma has made a strong statement that has impacted millions by have feelings model Kendall Jenner, as apparently is his platonic love for many years. Recently Maluma made a interview for the portal Access Hollywood to promote her latest single “ADMV“. It … Read more

Do you ready to take the big step? Lady Gaga revealed her feelings for her mysterious and new love

Lady Gaga it is one of the international artists with more world-wide fame. Is the owner of big pop hits and everything that revolves around it is important to millions of fans. Although he was always very reserved with his personal life, the artist has left gradually get to know his side more hidden. Related … Read more