What a shame! Shakira fell in front of everyone in a presentation Look at your reaction!

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Looks like Jennifer Lopez fell in love with from the pool with this bathing suit white How beautiful!

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Kate Beckinsale wore a bikini on Instagram and fell to those who called him “old” by using it

Getty Images Is there an age limit to wear a bikini and taken pictures for sexy? Given that the body of the other should not be a matter of public domain, there is an obvious answer to this cuestionante: NO However, the taboos that insist in staying in certain sectors, and so he lived in … Read more

The fans were angry with Adele! The decision of the singer did not fell well

Pandemic coronavirus changed the course of the world. Everything that was planned for this year was without effect. The musicians who for a long time they were preparing his new record material, were in the obligation to postpone it for the end of the year or for the 2021. This happened to Adele, who after … Read more

That’s really amazing! Lady Gaga fell in love with their fans with an incredible selfie

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It caused a sensation! Yanet Garcia fell to his admirers with bold photography

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Let’s style Harley Quinn! Lady Gaga fell in love with all of his fans with this selfie bomb

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¡APA! Natalia Barulích threw a tremendous indirect Tini Stoessel. Do you fell in love with?

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What New Black Widow? Kylie Jenner was surprised with this outfit and fell to his fans

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