Cardi B is the lever on the wig and the spear of the audience at the Wireless Festival

8 July 2019 Cardi B he ignited the stage of the Wireless Festival London with a performance that has all the right to enter in the history of music. This time no scandalous wardrobe malfunction, but an incredible gesture of a hair choreography, in the middle of the concert the rapper “Press” raised the long … Read more

Cardi B has revealed how much he earns to participate in the festival and you will drop the jaw in front of the digits

14 July 2019 All you can say Cardi Bexcept that it is not always very honest about how things are. Many have asked why they have not yet done the tour, the rapper has explained that should more participate in the festivalrather than embark on concerts, all his. “That’s why, let me explain this to … Read more