Rihanna launches a fierce campaign against Donald Trump

Rihanna it is one of the singers who has always been outspoken against the management of Donald Trump as president of the united States. Their struggle focuses on raising your voice for the african-american community and the migrant population in the world. But the recent case of George Floyd in Minneapolis it made the diva … Read more

Alec Baldwin makes fierce criticism parodying Donald Trump while drinking bleach

The comedian left in ridicule in repeatedly to the president of the united States while played it for SNL Alec Baldwin has recovered from the confinement of his now-famous imitation of Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live. In the latest edition of the legendary comedy show, the protagonist Rockefeller Plaza, and To Rome with love … Read more

Ariana Grande stars in fierce battle against his imitator Paige Niemann

Ariana Grande and Paige Niemann is throwing strong hints over the internet. A long time ago that became super-popular, the tiktoker, Paige Niemann, by their great resemblance to Ariana Grande; however, when the interpreter of “Thank U, Next” the he met, he feared not to make it clear that he did not like anything the … Read more

Johnny Depp strangled to Amber Heard during a fierce fight

The cards have turned to Johnny Depp and the case with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, is still very confusing. In this occasion, you got to know of evidence that point to the famous ‘Jack Sparrow’ as the aggressor within your relationship, because everything seems to indicate that, during a fierce fight with the actor proceeded … Read more

Thalia with a fierce animal print presented his new single “Shy”

Thalia with a fierce animal print presented his new single “Shy” The mexican singer Thalia she has left her fans speechless after posting the presentation of what will be their next single titled Shy and in where appears, exuding beauty and style as only she knows how to do it. It was through his official … Read more