‘Lucifer’ and ‘The Flash’ also stop their filming for the coronavirus

In the last days, the world is being affected by the Coronavirus, and this is impacting very seriously on the audiovisual sector. The closure of cinemas and the delay of new releases has been added cancellation of the filming of several series. After stopping the production of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘The Good … Read more

‘Grey’s anatomy’ stops filming his sixteenth season for the Coronavirus

Recently, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is in the spotlight, and week after week we have news from you. Without going more far, his episode of ‘Leave a Light On’ caused a great stir in the social networks due to the “fatal” outcome ended up giving it to Karev, one of the most beloved characters of the series. … Read more

NBCUniversal paralyzes the filming of the 35 series as a result of the Coronavirus

More and more series and movies that suffer first hand the consequences of Coronaviruses, having postponed premieres or stopped filming. Now, NBCUniversal has announced that it has suspended filming of the most of their tv series in all the production units of entertainment, such as Universal Television, UCP, Universal Television Alternative Studios and productions of … Read more

Is suspended the filming of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ in Prague for the coronavirus

The coronavirus does not stop, and nor do the measures of prevention against the same. A number of measures that affect all industries, including the film and the series. If you already saw few days ago that delayed the premiere of ‘No time to die’, today we know that the series ‘The Falcon and The … Read more

Ed O’neill who was worse on the last day of filming of ‘Modern Family’

After eleven seasons, ‘Modern Family’ comes to an end. The cast has already shared on several occasions his sadness for ending this series that has influenced their lives. Ed O’neill, who plays Jay Pritchett, has spoken to Ellen DeGeneres about how it was the last day of shooting, according to EW. O’neill confessed to what … Read more

‘Supergirl’: Melissa Benoist is pregnant, which might affect the filming of the series

The 4 of march Melissa Benoist, the leading actress of ‘Supergirl’, announced through a posting on Instagram that she is expecting her first baby together with her husband, Chris Wood. “¡¡¡A child is not canine will come to our family very soon!!! Chris Wood has always been a doting father by nature, and now it’s … Read more

‘No time to die’ behind the scenes: we Visited the filming of the new James Bond

Under a light rain, but always present and a certain haze, of those that add an undeniable aura of mystery, swirling around 300 members of the computer of the second unit of ‘No time to die’, which have been moved up to Inverness (Scotland) with 30 cars under the arm, and some spectacular action scenes … Read more