Coronavirus: All films had to postpone their world premieres

Coronavirus: All films had to postpone their world premieres The current pandemic of coronavirus it has affected many movie studios, that have been seen in the need to postpone the premiere of your tape is scheduled for march and April. All the films that have been postponed for the coronavirus Giants of the entertainment industry … Read more

The editor of the films of Christopher Nolan knows that the audience does not understand

The films of Christopher Nolan are mostly acclaimed by the public and the critics. But it is also known that their frames tend to be complex and many times difficult to understand for the spectators. Lee Smith has worked for years editing several films of Nolan that meet this feature as it can be ‘Origin’ … Read more

Kumail Nanjiani looks muscles while recreates films like ‘Wolverine’ or ‘forest of Glass’

Surely Kumail Nanjiani never thought that his step by the gym I was going to give both of what to talk about or that we was going to give many joys. A year ago the comedian proposed “mazarse” for ‘Eternals’, one of the most anxiously awaited films of Phase 4 of the Movie Universe Marvel, … Read more

‘Onward’ gets one of the films weaker of Pixar at the box office in the united States

Pixar was returning to theaters this weekend with ‘Onward’, their first original film since the premiere of ‘Coco’ in 2017. However, this new proposal it has been very far from reaching the large numbers who used the study in its debut in the united States. Premiered at 4.310 cinemas, ‘Onward’ has only been able to … Read more

The films of Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar nominee

Winner of the academy award for the performance in the movie “The positive side”. Only 28 years old, Jennifer Lawrence has already collected four applications Already four Oscar nomination for Jennifer Lawrence. A prey to extraordinary for an actress who has just 28 years old. Between these applications, there is also a victory in the … Read more

‘Contagion’ continues to take up positions between the films seen because of the Coronavirus

Already announced some weeks ago ‘Contagion’ was spread as fast as the virus itself from the movie. Now that the issue of the Coronavirus is skin deep, people seem to be interested in the movie as in the novel on which it is inspired. The novel ‘The Eyes of Darkness’, written by Dean Koontz and … Read more