Kim Kardashian makes fashion the belt that you find in Zara or Primark

We meet four weeks from the Government to decree the state of emergency to confront the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. Since then, we are all staying in our homes to try to reduce the spread of the virus. Marathons series, the elaboration of recipes, especially desserts, sessions of cleaning, or the practice of … Read more

This if the mark definitely! Find out in what got you Jennifer Lopez. Do not afraid?

Without a doubt, one of the celebrities of great renown who has not had a almost break in Hollywood has been Jennifer Lopezpassing of an incredible film to another similar or better. After recording great films as: ‘Second Act’, ‘Hustlers’, ‘Mary Me’, among others, the star captivate the audience on this occasion, interpreting ‘the queen … Read more

Zack Snyder will find a member of the ‘Justice League’ to finish his version of the film

Apparently, Warner Bros is already begun to yield a little, since the study would be thinking on releasing the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’, for this reason, Zack Snyder wants Ben Affleck to finish recording the sequences that were absent in his film, but what the actor will accept to become to put the Batman … Read more

That’s really amazing! Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks after overcoming the Covid-19… you Want to find the cure!

A great example of overcoming it Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who after going through difficult days because it was infected with the coronavirus, now they want to help find a vaccine. It turns out that the wife of the Hollywood actor stated that it is participating in a medical research, with the … Read more

Harry Kane would be the most expensive player in the football today, find out which club could sign him in Spain

In the midst of confinement and compulsory social that governed in Spain by the advance of the coronavirus, the Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic gave an interview via Skype the newspaper Catalan World Sports, in which he spoke of everything. From his worst moment in the club, when it was essential to forgotten, until his current … Read more

The failure of Amber Heard in her efforts to find dirty laundry of Johnny Depp with which to lay him low

Their marriage lasted a little over a year, but the war later that they are waging in the courts, on social networks and in the media it seems that there will be no end ever. Of course, we talk about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, which have accused each other of having been assaulted by … Read more

Our Last Night return with “Lost,” and here, you’ll find “Intentions” of Justin Bieber

Our Last Night return during this quarantine standing tensions with one of their new versions, in this case he has touched the topic “Intentions” of Justin Bieber along with the rapper Quavo. And as we already know, there is nothing more you like the band of rock/metal in addition to releasing their own material, to … Read more

Alexa Dellanos do not find size to cover them Each time bigger!

Alexa Dellanos never ceases to amaze with his incredible transformation where not guide the changes that you made to your appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery. It is evident that the daughter of Myrka Dellanos went under the knife, but it is also true that exercising and eating healthy are its fundamental pillars to … Read more