So lucy, the physicist, of Barbara de Regil before being a famous girl fitness

So lucy, the physicist, of Barbara de Regil before being a famous girl fitness One of the famous sexiest women of the tv is beautiful Barbara de Regil, who at age 32 has achieved popularity in the social networks, but before you be a famous girl fitness, his physique did not look like now. Some … Read more

Yuliett Torres was the queen of television with his routines and fitness Goddess!

In the world of the show nothing is easy, sometimes you have to decide in seconds and others have to wait for all the information and take the decision. Yuliett Towers knows. The mexican gave no doubt with its last update in social networks, something that to their fanticos does not bother them at all. … Read more

Yanet Garcia leaves his rear exposed with burning routine fitness

Yanet Garcia leaves his rear exposed with burning routine fitness. Yanet Garcia has been able to capture the attention of the social networks thanks to a new video that you have shared on your account Instagramin which leaves your huge rear when discovered through a tiny colorful attire while performing your routine exercises. The renowned-model … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez revolutionizes the networks doing fitness. Photo of last time

March 29, 2020 (11:59 CET) After that Georgina Rodriguez to generate a fuss about being captured out of your house in times of quarantine to go shopping, seems to have understood the message. The beautiful model, and a pair of Cristiano Ronaldo now it is passing the days at home, which has taken the opportunity … Read more

DO YOU TIP PA’ OSMARIEL? – Sascha Fitness says that you will never be charged for a greeting (+VIDEO)

Days ago arose controversy with Osmariel Villalobos as part of the application ‘Celebrities’, where the creole charges 50 dollars for a custom greeting, quantity that internet users considered exaggerated. This application became viral on Twitter, as several venezuelan artists involved in it, something that many users in the social network criticized by the fact charge … Read more

Yuliett Towers, the model fitness most besieged in the network

Listen the note: The model fitness Yuliett Towersaccumulates in your account Instagram almost five million followers, many of whom admire his toned figure, which has remained with intense workouts in the gym. Even, the young woman already has a website in which their fans can get exclusive content. Related information: The daughter of Babo, “the … Read more

Chris Hemsworth offers free access to its app fitness during the quarantine of the coronavirus

To be locked up all day does not have to mean lying on the couch 24 hours a day. The very Thor offers to help keep us in shape during this time. Chris Hemsworth offers six weeks of free your app fitness Centr. Hemsworth has placed special emphasis on that is important these days to … Read more