It’s in flames! Miley Cyrus won the applause with an incredible cover of Pink Floyd

After their separation from Disney, Miley Cyrus it became one of the characters most controversial in the world of entertainment and, no matter what you do, always leave without words to all the fans. But since you started the quarantine, the famous artist brought his personality to the social networks, because the situation facing the … Read more

What is reconciled? Brad Pitt does the unthinkable with Angelina Jolie… Oh, Jennifer Aniston in flames!

It was 4 years ago when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie they decided to sign the divorce after a controversial union of the Church and a troubled marital life enough, was reviewed in the press. Along with the separation came also an avalanche of problems that until today still giving you what to talk about. … Read more

Releases DVD and Blu-Ray: ‘Le Mans ’66’, ‘Portrait of a woman in flames’, ‘Weather’ and a tribute to Kirk Douglas

This week’s goes to market ‘Le Mans ’66’, the film, winner of two academy awards and a BAFTA award this 2020. The tape starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon’s account of the historic race of the Championship Le Mans 1966, it faced the resistance of a Ferrari with a Ford. ‘Le Mans ’66’ arrives both … Read more