“Oh, poop everywhere!”: former stagehand of the Manchester United, reveals the day in the dressing room Sir Alex Ferguson was flooded in feces and used socks for the rescue of the jewels of the campus

Albert Morganhistorical stagehand Manchester United declassified a terrible anecdote suffered by the staff of Sir Alex Ferguson at the Stadium of Light of Sunderland, where a pipe exploded flooding of stool the dressing room of the team and making the striker Dimitar Berbatov to lose their temper when they find their boots filled with feces. … Read more

Beware that it explodes! Alexa Dellanos wore a garment about to break and it flooded everything!

Alexa Dellanos it is, without a doubt, one of the women most sought after in the social networks. Thanks to their enormous attributes are held captive to his nearly 2 million followers. The daughter of the famous presenter Mirka Dellanos again make your own, and wore a garment that is very tight and about to … Read more