Before you celebrate Mother’s Day, Kimberly Flores, he recalls how lucy pregnant

Thanks to a series of tender photographs, the wife of Edwin Luna stole the heart of the social network users Attack Kimberly Flowers in her birthday Photo: Antonio Ordaz / Agency Reform With a tender photograph published in your profile official Instagram, Kimberly Flores he recalled how he transformed his body upon the arrival of … Read more

Antonio David Flores was not expected for her to appear. What loose everything. And gets into a Dew Flowers in a mess

May 09, 2020 (16:05 CET) The step of Dew Flowers by Survivors has awakened many ghosts from the past. As expected, the name of Rocío Carrasco it has been heard on more than one occasion on the sets Telecinco. And also in the magazines coated paper. In this sense, the young contestant, one of the … Read more

Antonio David Flores calla this psychological problem that Dew Flowers takes you on a secret

May 08, 2020 (14:55 CET) Yiya has become the ninth was expelled from the issue, however, has managed to close its chapter more stormy before you leave. Extremadura had an enemy intimate, Dew Flowers. During these months it has not stopped harassing and using derogatory comments to plunge her. This cost him a nomination to … Read more

Rosalia revolutionizes the networks with their versions of Beyonce and Lola Flores

Rosalia has returned to the rolling of brown with a karaoke virtual from your account of Instagram. The artist, who is confined in Miami, he has interpreted the songs asked of them by their fans, like Beyoncé, Lola Flores, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish. “Today I’ve woken up with the urge to go to a … Read more

Users humiliate Kimberly Flores for return to the program, “Today” (VIDEO)

Users humiliate Kimberly Flores for return to the program, “Today” (VIDEO) Kimberly Flores, caused a stir in the social networks have made it back to the program “Today”because, as you may remember from some weeks ago the girl fitness joined the morning to share their workout routines. But apparently the internet users, they have not … Read more

Alba Flores: “‘The house of paper’ is not a feminist series, not by a long shot”

In full pandemic of the coronavirus, the Resistance is about to return to save us. At least save us from boredom. Part 4 of ‘The house of paper’ comes to Netflix on April 3, and we have been able to talk about the series with Alba Flores and Darko Peric, who interpret to Nairobi and … Read more

Angie Flores of The Academy demonstrates his IMPRESSIVE talent on Instagram

Angie Flores of The Academy demonstrates his IMPRESSIVE talent on Instagram Angie Flowers, who won the second place of The Academy 2019rose to your account Instagram a video that appears to show an impressive and mysterious talent with a lot of flow, on the afternoon of 12 march, where it showed that not only knows … Read more

Antonio David Flores let loose the bomb! And changes everything. Oh save me, paws up for this!

12 of march 2020 (15:07 CET) Dew Flowers is in Survivors struggling to gain a reality that has turned out to be a boom of audience, however, to be in Honduras has prevented him from knowing that her boyfriend Manuel may have been with another girl. And it seems that Manuel for the moment do … Read more