The player in norway’s Ada Hegerberg signed the largest sponsorship agreement of a footballer european

“If it is important for you, then thou shalt make the effort.” He was warned Stein Erik Hegerberg and Gerd Stolsmo their children Silas, Andrine and Ada in infancy. It was his way of educating them in the culture of sacrifice. Never took them to a soccer training: or riding a bike or did running. … Read more

“I will be a footballer”: the letter from Alex Morgan to her mom in childhood

Recently appeared on the cover of the magazine Sports Illustrated and the past month of April reached the 100 goals with the Selection of Women’s Soccer in the united States. It is one of the players, media and charismatic leaders on the news, but the getting there was not easy for Alex Morgan. The well-known … Read more

Alex Morgan and her love affair with a mexican footballer

The star of the U.s. National women’s, Alex Morgannot only scoring goals on the soccer field, also enjoy your marriage with the mexican american, Servando Carrasco, who is also a professional footballer in the MLS. Her husband was born in Coronado, California, but his parents are mexicans, and a large part of his childhood he … Read more

Kill shot footballer Edwin Espinoza in front of his house

The footballer of the Guayaquil City, Edwin Espinoza, 20, was killed Saturday in the door of his home in the popular neighborhood guayaquil Isla Trinitaria in the south of the city, told Efe Carlos Franco, sporting director of this club from the First Division Ecuador. Alex Morgan maintains training days of giving birth Government calls … Read more