Cardi B forced to postpone his concert for the recent plastic surgery

Cardi B he canceled the concert that was scheduled in El Paso, Texas, may 21, and, afterwards, he did the same thing, with the show scheduled in Syracuse and Saratoga Springs (New York), postponed to later date. Also his participation in the 92Q Spring Bling Festival Baltimore is skipped. According to some rumors reported by … Read more

Scarlett Johansson forced to miss the award ceremony: “I was sick, violently”

Scarlett Johansson there is a flat rate for the disease is again on the stage SAG Awards in top form. The small temporary alarm for the 36-year-old actress was in new york, played briefly Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The Johansson was not the climb, on the stage of the festival in California, where he … Read more

Ukrainian Kardashian in invisible panties, legs apart and forced the men to sweat: “we see all”

Model Alena Omovich posed in the open swimsuit Ukrainian model, which is called the Patriotic copy Kim Kardashian posted in popular social networks candid shot where she advertises, in fact, cosmetics. This writes with reference to Instagram of Alena. So on the new personal picture Omovich showed her perfect figure in a bikini virtually … Read more