Francis Lawrence to direct the prequel of ‘The hunger games’

As we reported last summer,the author Suzanne Collins return to the universe of‘The hunger games’(The Hunger Games)to tell us a new story mode prequel. Months after its adaptation cinematogrfica is official and with the title of ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ getting to the big screen under the direction deFrancis Lawrence, who already took … Read more

Francis insists to attribute the pandemic to a ‘response’ from Nature to the action of man

by Carlos Esteban | 09 April, 2020 In the recent interview online by Pope Francis to his biographer, Austen Ivereigh and reproduced by The Tablet and the Commonwealth, His Holiness has returned to point out that you do not see both the hand of God in this pandemic as a “response” from nature to the … Read more