Yuliett Torres opens her skirt in front of the mirror and photograph as well!

To Yuliett Towers we like to make sure that it looks perfectly and can be seen in this publication. With an outfit that is very particular, formed by a set onesie blouse and short, white in colour, with a skirt overlay, the model impresses with the photography. Besides looking so good, dares to open her … Read more

Miley Cyrus arrives at the front page of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ | People

Play Hanna Montana on the Disney Channel in 2006 to be the cover of the magazine The Wall Street Journal in 2020. Miley Cyrus has taken a leap brutal in his career, and over these almost 14 intense years, a trail has been widening by leaps and bounds. Well for his musical career, either by … Read more

I Anuel is jealous! Karol G teases her boyfriend and in front of all what Is low the pants?

The singer Karol G did not hesitate to do What a past! May 03, 2020 · 11:31 pm The colombian Karol G is without doubt one of the reguetoneras most controversial of the time, this is due to his relationship with the also singer Anuel AA who on several occasions has demonstrated his love for … Read more

It teaches us to use them! Rihanna introduced a magical product and was showcased in front of the cameras

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Oh poor thing! Karol G crying heartbroken in front of the cameras What happened to him?

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