The Voice premiere season of the hand of the funny MEMES

The television mexican was pleased with the premiere of a new season of the reality The Voice; however, from his hand came the relentless and unforgivable memes you portrayed everything in social networks. As always, the topic of the judges will always command attention and in this case was no exception: Belinda and Ricardo Montaner … Read more

Mariah Carey gives a funny twist patatero the classic “All I Want for Christmas” in this spot

In a new spot released by Walkers in the Uk Mariah Carey gives a tasty twist to your iconic christmas song “All I Want for Christmas” (in which they are protagonists on this occasion the fries). Christmas is looming already on the horizon and in little time we will all be humming (as owned by … Read more

Coronavirus USA | Cardi B is tweeze at home and ends up screaming in funny clip | VIDEO | Instagram | united States | the USA | COVID-19 | NNDC-NNES | Shows

The rapper Cardi B has become a trend then I published stories in its account of Instagram where you will perform the hair removal wax at home and she finished screaming. The singer rose to their stories an image with a text in which he said that that is “the day of pain”, in reference … Read more

Chris Pratt revealed that she gained weight intentionally to look more funny in “Parks And Recreation”

Although currently Chris Pratt it is one of the biggest names of the franchise Marvel and Jurassic Worldbefore reaching the stardom, no one would have imagined it as a “sex symbol”. Making its mark primarily in the field of comedy, Pratt was best known for his role in the comedy of NBC, “Parks And Recreation”where … Read more

You know what’s more shocking and funny of Camilo Echeverry when he was just a child

Camilo Echeverry from a very young age has possessed a unique personality and very smart, the same showing in any place where it came-Even on television programs! 08 May 2020 · 21:11 pm At 26 years of age, the singer of urban music Camilo Echeverry has managed to become one of the artists most sought … Read more

Coronavirus USA | Anuel AA against jokes about the COVID-19: “Everything is funny until we lose someone close to you” | VIDEO | united States | US | USA | Instagram | NNDC-NNES Trends

Updated the 29/04/2020 at 09:33 The singer Anuel AA it is one of the figures that has been shown against the confinement by the coronavirus. Through its account of Instagram, he shared a recent issue of your companion Kendo Kaponi, where we talk about the situation. “The jokes, the videitos, the memes of the coronavirus…Everything … Read more

James Charles: the End of a ‘youtuber’ 19: it would be even funny if so much nonsense do not bear directly fear | ICON

I’ve always envied the journalists of beauty, surrounded by pleasant smells, blushes brand new and eternal smiles. On bad days, giving me a tour of the plant cosmetic of a large warehouse calming my discouragement. Maybe that’s why I find it hard to believe that in the paradise of the basis of makeup there is … Read more

Salma Hayek against the coronavirus: the actress shared a funny method to follow the hygiene measures

With his unique sense of humor, the mexican actress, Salma Hayek, suggested the funny method that applies when the people around you do not follow the hygiene measures during the pandemic coronavirus. The native of Veracruz used his account of Instagram to disseminate the actions that, according to her, are necessary; also involved another famous … Read more

It is so funny! Kim Kardashian showed that living in parallel worlds… you Already knew the coronavirus!

Kim Kardashian it is women with more desopilantes the world of the show, his career has been marked by controversy and in the past few months by the terrible syndrome of predictions of apocalyptic. The daughter of Kris Jenner has driven many initiatives to counter the crisis causes around the world, but some of his … Read more

Dani Martin and his funny performance to Britney Spears

Loading the player… Who said that the quarantine has to be boring? There are some artists, like the singer Dani Martín, that are taking advantage of this confinement to explore their creativity. The vocalist of the legendary band El canto del loco has dared to do a playback of the ‘princess of pop’ Britney Spears. … Read more