Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Cara Delevingne and many celebs sing ‘Imagine’

Gettty Since its launch in 1971, “Imagine” by John Lennon has become an anthem of unity and hope. That is why during your quarantine, self-imposed (#YoMeQuedoEnCasa), Gal Gadot organized a karaoke via Instagram full of all your friends celebrities. Gadot made a call to sing Imagine in the which included some of his friends superheroes … Read more

Wonder Woman 1984: Filter out unpublished images of the new movie with Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 1984: Filter out unpublished images of the new movie with Gal Gadot Wonder Woman 1984 or Wonder Womanfor its name in Spanish, prepares for its premiere, for which a series of images never-before-seen Gal Gadot and the rest of the cast have been leaked on the internet. Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman … Read more

The people have not reacted very well to the video of Gal Gadot and the famous singing ‘Imagine’

Gal Gadot rose to Instagram a video singing ‘Imagine’ with dozens of Hollywood stars and celebrities, and perhaps you have not obtained the result they hoped for. It is possible that the message “imagine no possesions (imagine no possessions)” sung by millionaires in their mansions and gardens, not cale among the vulgar and for this … Read more

Covid-19 inspires Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’ to sing “Imagine”

Covid-19 inspires Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’ to sing “Imagine” The actress Gal Gadot, known for her role of ‘Wonder Woman’ has managed to surprise all of his followers in Instagramsharing a video of her singing the legendary theme of John Lennon “Imagine”. A song that has inspired several artists during the contingency for the Covid-19. … Read more

Gal Gadot sings ‘Imagine’ with Natalie Portman, Jamie Dornan and more celebrities in front of the coronavirus

The advertisers of Gal Gadot have taken full advantage of the situation in which they find the entire planet, and the quarantines enforced to collect the voices of dozens of famous Hollywood and join them all to create a three-minute video singing ‘Imagine’, John Lennon. The result is of the most motley. The list of … Read more

‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’: Beautiful new poster of Gal Gadot wearing the golden armor

They continue to amass the different movies that they decide to delay its release date due to the coronavirus. Today, almost all of the big releases planned for march or April they have decided to be postponed to in a few months, or in the case of ‘Fast & Furious 9’, to within 1 year. … Read more