Book/movie HUNGER GAMES, Susanne Collins, Gary Ross book reviews and News UnLibro

Better, the book or the movie Book the HUNGER GAMES, Suzanne Collins Is a dystopian novel: the story takes place in a future, the unknown, in an environment of nightmare.North-America, in consequence of a series of events, nefarious , has experienced enormous changes.Capital City is the capital of what remains, then there are 12 districts … Read more

of Hunger Games and X-Men

ROME – Between 2011 and 2013, America, a new girlfriend had. Born in Kentucky, dad’s working-class hero, an inclination to play-acting early and powerful that, even, let them study cancel, on a flight from New York to Hollywood in search of an agent. And the success for Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, arrived quickly, thanks in part … Read more

The games are no longer available in the Store

The PS Plus games can be downloaded from this day forward. When is PS Plus game for March available? From now on, you are in Shadow of The Colossus, and Sonic Strengths for the PS4, and without any additional cost from the PS Store to download the PS Plus subscribers. What are your PlayStation Plus … Read more

The Nvidia Titan RTX (SLI) for Testing. 8-in the Games analyzed, today and in the future

It goes to the Marketing of the major manufacturers in the TV, then the 4K is to be replaced, apparently, for a long, long time. Well, LG today announced its current OLED tv’s “the excellent quality of the image on the 8”, Samsung QLED-2019 at the latest models “the great house of the theater, at … Read more

The cloud of Indie Games developers criticise Google for the Stadiums

Google’s Cloud Gaming service to the Stadium is one of the 28 games in which he is a majority of the securities in the AAA. For the developers, Unfortunately, the deck wasn’t eye-catching, reported Business Insider after a number of Studios to give an Interview. In addition to this, Google is well-known for its own … Read more